Historic Restoration Philadelphia

Historic restoration work requires a keen eye for details as well as a strong knowledge of the different preservation techniques. That is why you should never try to do it yourself, but leave the job to experienced masonry contractors. Philadelphia Masonry Contractor offers high-end masonry services to residential and commercial property owners in and around the neighborhood. We take pride in delivering the best results for all kinds of masonry projects and that has made us one of the most reliable local masonry contractors in the area for historic restoration services.

Our team of skilled masons will thoroughly assess your property to devise the best approach for historic restoration that will suit your needs as well as the building construction. We have years of experience in restoring historical homes and business properties throughout Pennsylvania. Our goal is to offer the best results and improve the overall value of the property while restoring the structure to its original grandeur and adding more years to its masonry life. You can rely on us for all kinds of brickwork, stonework, and concrete masonry repair and restoration work.

All-Inclusive Historic Restoration Services

Historic restoration is all about preserving the original beauty, appeal, and functionality of the structure. It is a well-known fact that even the best-built structures will need some kind of maintenance to preserve and sustain their usefulness and value. This becomes even more important when the structure nears its “historical” age. Brickwork and masonry can start to crack and chip, foundations can become unstable, and chimneys can get unsafe to use over time. This calls for proper historic restoration work, which will not just attend to the issue at hand but also add to the longevity of the structure.

We at Philadelphia Masonry Contractor ensure that the historic restoration work is done meticulously with significant planning and high precision. Our expert professionals specialize in all kinds of historical restoration projects including:

  • Historic roofing restoration and repairs
  • Historic brick and stone masonry
  • Structural stabilization
  • Historic preservation
  • Historic stonework and masonry repairs
  • Restoring cemeteries and monuments
  • Historic coatings remediation
  • Historic plaster application
  • Steeples and domes preservation
  • Historic rehabilitation
  • Historic reconstruction
  • Fireplaces and stoves restoration
  • Commercial building restoration
  • and more

Philadelphia Masonry Contractor understands that historic restoration is a delicate and complex process and can include many challenges. That is why we come prepared at the site to deal with any unexpected problems in the most suitable way and preserve the historical significance of the structure proficiently. Get in touch with us now to discuss your historic restoration project!