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Masonry Philadelphia

Masonry Philadelphia

Masonry is one of the most popular construction methods across the globe that offers several advantages to property owners. Masonry involves building structures from multiple single blocks, which could be brick, stone, or concrete. The single units are laid and bound using mortar to give you a quality finish. Masonry work is resistant to fire, which helps to improve the safety of the building and the occupants. This is also a reason why masonry is preferred over all other fireplace construction techniques. Masonry also offers high resistance against the effects of harsh weather, pests, and rotting.

We at Philadelphia Masonry Contractor build attractive and elegant structures for your home or commercial property as per your requirements. Being one of the most reputed local masonry contractors in the Philadelphia area, our experts strive to deliver the best blend of durability and strength for your construction needs. With our high-quality workmanship, we assure you a lasting and reliable structure, no matter whether you want installation of retaining walls, stucco installation, veneer stone installation, or anything else. Our masonry work will ensure that your building can easily withstand huge amounts of compressive loads and offers you a longer lifespan.

What We Do

Philadelphia Masonry Contractor can help you with all kinds of masonry projects, be it a new masonry construction, brick repair, caulking, or application of roofing coatings. Our masons are experienced in working with a wide range of materials and can build a strong and resilient chimney, patio, retaining wall, or an entire home using their profound expertise. We will also guide you with choosing from the different masonry materials to make sure that your expectations and requirements from the new structure are fulfilled in the best way possible.

Brick Masonry

Our team of expert masons can help you with all kinds of brick masonry repair and installation services. We can work with different types of brick masonry materials as well, be it engineered bricks, dry-pressed bricks, solid concrete bricks, or even brick veneer. You can choose brick masonry construction for chimney, fireplace, columns, retaining walls, and patios in your property.

Stone Masonry

We offer stone masonry solutions for those who need a stronger and more weather-resistant structure. Natural stone is also great for areas that experience high traffic, such as driveways, walkways, and many other kinds of exterior flooring. Our masons will build the most appealing and highly functional surfaces with natural stone, depending upon your preferred color, size, and texture.

Concrete Masonry

As full-service masonry contractors, we also build stunning and lasting concrete structures to meet your varied needs. Our masons can work with concrete blocks of different sizes, finishes, and colors to give you the best outcomes. You can rely on us for any kind of concrete construction and concrete repair project, be it for your driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, etc.

Our Services

Philadelphia Masonry Contractor has been serving residents and commercial property owners in the community for many years now. We work with the best quality masonry materials and high-end tools and equipment to guarantee you supreme quality workmanship. We ensure providing value for all our masonry projects so that you can have a sturdy, functional, and aesthetically appealing structure.

We offer a variety of commercial masonry services to business owners in and around Philadelphia, which includes masonry construction to brick repair and more. Our expert masons work with the property owners and contractors to install, repair, or restore commercial buildings of all types, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, and more.

We are one of the most trusted local masonry contractors in Philadelphia, renowned for the quality of services we provide. Our experts have been offering Reliable masonry work for residents in the neighborhood, which range from installation of retaining walls to chimney repair and more. We ensure that our clients always get lasting results.

We provide all-inclusive historic restoration services to help you preserve the appearance as well as the functionality of your Historical home or commercial property for many more years. Our masons will attend to all the aspects of the structure, be it brick repair, replacement, sealing, tuck-pointing, masonry construction, or any other masonry services that you require.

We can handle all kinds of brick masonry repair project, be it a minor crack in brick veneer or any major structural damage. Our skilled masons will not just address the damage effectively, but also make sure to restore the structure to its original splendor. We have perfected the technique of Brick repair employed in the masonry industry.

We build lasting and durable masonry walls to enhance the appeal of your landscaping as well as to support the main structure. Our quality craftsmanship in building sturdy and attractive Retaining walls will also boost the overall value of your property. We will also guide you on selecting the design and material for the outdoor structure.


“I was looking for brick and stone masons near me when I came across Philadelphia Masonry Contractor. Their project manager was very helpful and he clarified all the costs involved in the masonry work before even starting the job. I found their cost estimate quite reasonable too. The results were also outstanding just as they promised.”
Denise Ashton
“Philadelphia Masonry Contractor is one of the most reliable stone masonry contractors in the neighborhood. We have been working with these guys for over a year now for different projects and they have always delivered as per our expectations. We recommend Philadelphia Masonry Contractor for all kinds of commercial masonry projects.”
Will Parsons
“The retaining walls in the basement exterior staircase were crumbling and I needed someone who could guarantee speedy masonry work near me. One of my friends suggested contacting Philadelphia Masonry Contractor and telling them about the damage. They did a fantastic brick repair job and the area looks even better than it was earlier.”
Maria Gunn


Masonry work refers to the method of building and fabricating structure in different masonry materials like stone, brick, or concrete blocks. In general, masonry work includes laying and binding the building blocks, tuck-pointing weakened mortar joints, chimney repair, brick repair, and other masonry repairs. Concrete repairs, cement coatings, caulking, erecting stone or brick masonry walls, stucco installation, building decorative structures, and application of roofing coatings also fall under masonry work. An experienced mason can also perform restorative waterproofing, install veneer stone masonry finishes, build decorative architectural details, and more. Some local masonry contractors also carry out historic restoration work.

Choosing the right masonry contractor is very important to ensure that you get the best results for your masonry projects. Therefore, you should look for brick and stone masonry contractors that have ample experience in the masonry industry. They should also have the know-how of working with different masonry materials and have the best-in-class equipment to carry out the work. You should also look at their cost estimate and make sure that it is reasonable. It is also a good idea to look at their customer reviews and testimonials before signing the contract.

Masonry and concrete work are two different things, although they can be coupled in some instances. For example, masons can use concrete blocks to build the structure as per your needs to ensure a highly durable and long-lasting finish. Masonry work can be done with bricks and stone blocks as well, which is why it is also called stonework or brickwork sometimes. In any case, the individual blocks are bound together using mortar to give you a monolithic structure. In cases of concrete masonry, the blocks will be made of cement, aggregate, and water. You can also contact masonry contractors for concrete repairs.

Masonry cement refers to the mortar material that is used to lay and bind the brick, natural stone, or concrete blocks. Usually, it is a mixture of Portland cement and ground limestone, or any other filler, blended with a water-repellent additive or an air-entraining agent. If waterproof Portland cement is used in the mortar, then it is not necessary to add a water-repellent additive in the mixture. Yet mostly, hydrophobic cement is used as masonry cement, which is made by grinding Portland cement clinker with oleic acid or another film-forming substance.

Both brick masonry and concrete block structures are very strong and fire-resistant. They are also impervious to insects and pests infestation and can stand the test of time easily. Both the construction techniques are relatively economical as well and give the structure great thermal mass. However, note that the strength of the structure will also depend upon the type and quality of mortar holding the bricks or concrete blocks. Therefore, it would be better to consult with the masonry contractors to make an informed decision about the material to choose for your construction needs.

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Bob Rivera
Bob Rivera
Bill mcgonigal and his crew were great. I called him at midnight after water came pooring into my bedroom. He was polite and a calm and told me what to do untill he arrived. Not only did he resolve the issue he made shure my home was water tight and gave me preventative maintenance tips that will help me maintain my homes value and integrity. Thanks again bill!!!!
Christien S
Christien S
There’s not one bad thing I can honestly say about Bill and his team. From the initial estimate to the final farewell they were professional, clean, responsive and took immense pride in their work-which came out great. If you need a mason in Philly use these guys you won’t be disappointed!
Angela Marie
Angela Marie
Bill does excellent work. He is very professional and has great prices. Will use him for all our of future masonry needs
Kristina Rico
Kristina Rico
When I inquired about having my house pointed, the owner, William McMonigle, responded and examined my property within 24 hours. His quote was extremely competitive with others I received and the quality and craftsmanship even better than expected. Everyday the worksite was completely cleaned. The workers followed all COVID requirements and asked whether we had an specific needs they needed to be aware of considering the pandemic. The job was completed in a timely fashion and I was kept informed throughout the entire process. William McMonigle was prompt, professional, and did excellent work. In fact, I’m using him and his company for additional residential construction projects. I highly recommend!

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Philadelphia Masonry Contractor is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship for the most reasonable costs. We realize that proper communication is the key to success for any masonry project. That is why our experts will be in touch with you throughout the project and make sure that the outcome meets and even exceeds your expectations. Contact us now to discuss your masonry repairs or new construction needs and let our professionals help you achieve your goals.